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Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 Review

They also added more mesh panels to the upper, which makes this shoe a little more breathable than previous versions as well. The most exciting part of this recent arrival is the new foam ‘Enerzy’. The wedge of the foam sits in the heel and gives the user an increased cushion feel and the updated fan-shaped wave gets https://www.wave-accounting.net/ you there in the softest way possible. It also adds to a really smooth transition as your foot strike flows from heel to toe-off. The rear sensation is one of a consistent feeling and stable landing “block” or maybe more positively saying it a “platform” of support instead of a system of overt prescriptive guidance.

While the styling is a little bland for my taste, I love that this is a stability trainer that looks like a neutral trainer. The midsole of this shoe utilizes a thick layer of Mizuno’s patented U4ic and Enerzy EVA foam midsole material. What’s great about this style of midsole is that it offers plush and squishy cushioning that still offers excellent responsiveness. In summary, this is a great shoe for anyone who needs a durable stability shoe with a responsive cushion under foot. Overall, I think runners who struggle with overpronation will really enjoy the Wave Inspire 17.

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The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is a reliable stability shoe that offers a soft ride with a midsole for overpronators. As this Wave Inspire 17 review has illustrated, the latest iteration of this popular stability shoe is an excellent choice for overpronated mileage runners, especially heel-strikers.

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The superb upper is potentially overbuilt adding to weight as is the durable outsole. Reducing the heel stack a couple millimeters and thus also the drop might be a positive in terms of feel and weight. At $135 this high quality shoe with expected long term durability is a great value. The Inspire is a “moderate” stability shoe where the overt stability element is for sure present but not in the way, sharp in feel, or even really noticed. Many brands seem to think a stability shoe must be decisively felt as such with firm posting, side support pieces, rails, and such. Not so here as the stability is delivered by a seamless combination of the fan wave plate and geometry. Support panels located on the medial and lateral sides give added stability while enhancing the overall fit.

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With the Inspire, my overall experience with the 17 differs from how I felt about the 16. I’ll share more details in the sections below, but overall I felt like the energy, nimbleness and responsive ride of the 16 is traded for increased cushion and structure in the 17.

Why are Mizuno shoes so good?

High-quality support and smooth rides are the calling cards of the best Mizuno running shoes. Those qualities propelled Mizuno into the spotlight, and their continuous development of the best running shoe technology lights the road ahead.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is the brand’s most trusted go-to stability trainer. The fit of the upper is more on the narrower side which will be an issue for some but it wasn’t one for me. In my case, it forced me to tie the trainer tighter than I am used to.

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The Inspire 17 is a stability shoe, which means it’s effective for runners who overpronate. The extra stability features are more durable to help mitigate the effects of excessive pronation on the inside edge of the shoe. Even though it’s in the stability category, neutral runners can still wear it comfortably. I also love that the upper of this design has modest stability features that help lock your feet in place, but it doesn’t feel too stiff or restrictive. It has added synthetic overlays along the forefoot, with a few additional panels along the medial side of the foot. These additional panels are put in place to help overpronators naturally guide their foot into a nice and even gait cycle.

The ample cushioning is welcomed, but it adds to the narrow fit. This works well in the heel area because you need to be securely held to add to the stability of the shoe.

The Inspire 17 has an updated fan-shaped wave, heel construction, and resilient U4ic foam cushioning. According to Mizuno, these features contribute to a smoother transition from heel to toe and a superior ride compared to previous models. I normally wear a Saucony Guide 13 and am used to an 8mm offset shoe. I was a bit apprehensive to try a shoe, like the Inspire 17, that has a 12mm offset. For my first short run, I was well-aware of the difference and could feel it a bit in my shins and the top of my foot, but by the second run, I did not feel those issues anymore. On the lateral side of the shoe the plate still has a gentle wave shape, but on the medial side the plate is a more geometric, stair-stepped design.

  • Not so here as the stability is delivered by a seamless combination of the fan wave plate and geometry.
  • It’s not a super-shoe or carbon plate spring but it certainly makes the shoe feel a little livelier.
  • This systematic process is to ensure that we have experience with each shoe in a large variety of conditions to provide expansive and thorough reviews for the public and for companies.
  • Often, stability trainers are big and clunky, but the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 looks sleek and slim.
  • To provide a secure midfoot and rear hold Mizuno uses an elaborate if visually quite subtle array of overlays.
  • The cushioning of the midsole underwent some changes which have slightly affected the ride.

Differently put, when I put on the 16s I felt like I was driving a peppy 2-door hatchback and in the 17s I’m driving a luxury sedan. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 are a versatile shoe, but seemingly designed for the daily grind with stability, and for miles of comfort. On the medial side, the wave plate has a double fan, this serves the same purpose as a medial post would in a traditional trainer. The wave plate is evident from the moment the trainer is on and takes some miles to get used to it. Before testing the Wave Rider 17s, I didn’t give much thought to Mizuno as a brand. There’s a lot of competition out there in the running shoe market, so I’ve generally stuck to the more traditional varieties.

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The improved Enerzy foam, the fit is true to size, smooth transition heel to toe are all winning characteristics! We are excited and ready to introduce you to this new model and hear your thoughts on the revisions and consistency of the Wave Inspire 17. Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 Review Mizuno Wave Inspire has always had a positive snug feel around the foot and this continues to be true. Ample toe box room, and a secure feeling around the midfoot and heel. It’s this feature that aids to better alignment for those that overpronate.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 Review

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